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Shiny Toy Guns

Don't Cry Out

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from the myspace

shiny toy guns biography | there is too much work to sit here and sell us or sell you and sell what you found so WE write songs because we have had fear frustration love adoration humility death and life cross everything we are | so have you | and so has every girl and boy across the oceans REASONS REASONS MORE where is the strength needed for people to hold onto here THUS we make songs forever | we do it alone and we do it now | SHINY TOY GUNS are weapons of sharpness | the words CUT the melodies run our blood | CUT CUT RUN we are fronted by a prodigy of voice and guitar | carah faye charnow and gregori chad petree TOGETHER jeremy dawson blends synthesis mike martin backbones percussion NO MORE GREY SKIES we are hope we are alive we are pilots TIME TO GO k.bye